Gate Logic Security Launches New Education Aimed At Pedestrian Safety

Gate Logic Security, an elite, full-service company specializing in physical perimeter security, gate automation, and access controls, invites municipalities and outdoor venues to schedule an appointment to view the leading crash-rated public protection devices and to speak with security experts from Wed., Oct. 19th to Wed., Dec. 14th.

In response to increasing incidents of injury and death occurring in unprotected pedestrian spaces, Gate Logic Security has launched a public education initiative to introduce life-saving solutions to communities.

Life-Saving Solutions

Municipalities and public venues can better protect their residents and visitors”

Drunk, impaired, distracted, and hostile drivers are injuring and killing innocent children and adults in communities across the United States. Sadly, as news headlines and broadcasts report, the incidents are rising,” stated Gate Logic Security President and Founder, Shanna Gray.

Shanna Gray adds, “As both a mother and a security professional, I knew my team, my manufacturing partners, and I possessed the resources necessary to impact this horrific trend. Municipalities and public venues can better protect its residents and visitors.”

Education Trailer

Gate Logic Security has created an education trailer to bring the latest, proven crash-rated public protection devices directly to local governments and public venue owners/managers.

The objective is to provide key decision-makers with a first-hand opportunity to assess the equipment and to learn from security experts how best to keep those who live, work, or socialize in their municipalities safe.